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If you’re thinking about a garden makeover, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Determine your budget: A garden makeover can range from a simple clean-up to a major renovation, and costs can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. Determine how much you can afford to spend and create a budget.
  2. Assess your space: Before you start designing your new garden, take a look at the space you have available. Consider the amount of sunlight, soil type, and any existing landscaping. This will help you determine what plants and design elements will work best.
  3. Choose a design style: There are many different garden design styles to choose from such as modern, tropical, Mediterranean, and more. Decide on a style that you like and fits with your home’s architecture.
  4. Plan your layout: Once you have your design style, start planning the layout of your garden. Think about where to place hardscaping elements such as pathways and patios, and how to incorporate water features and garden beds.
  5. Add plants and features: Choose plants that will thrive in your garden and add features such as garden lighting, sculptures, and birdbaths.
  6. Contact professional gardener or landscape architect if you’re unsure of how to achieve your dream garden, they can help you with the planning and execution of your garden makeover and ensure that you end up with a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Overall, a garden makeover can be a fun and rewarding project that can help you create an outdoor space that you will love to use and entertain in.

Airlie Wall Water Feature Sydney

Implement easy to install water features in your Sydney garden without breaking the bank account.

There are many easy-to-install water features that you can add to your garden to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. Here are a few options:

  1. A small pond: A pond can be a beautiful addition to any garden and is relatively easy to install. You can purchase a pre-formed pond or dig your own and line it with a pond liner. Add a pump to circulate the water and add some plants or small fish for a complete water feature.
  2. A water wall or waterfall: If you don’t have the space for a pond, a water wall or waterfall can be a great alternative. You can create a simple water wall using a sheet of glass or acrylic mounted on a wall and add a pump to circulate water over it. A waterfall can be created using a plastic container, a pump, and some gravel.
  3. A bird bath: A bird bath is an easy way to add a water feature to your garden, and it will also attract birds to your yard. You can purchase a pre-made bird bath or make your own using a shallow container and a statue or ornament for the center.
  4. A fountain: A fountain can be a beautiful addition to any garden and is relatively easy to install. Many fountains have a self-contained water basin and can be placed on a flat surface such as a patio or deck.
  5. A rain chain: A rain chain is a unique water feature that can be added to the gutter downspout of your home. It’s made up of chains or cups that gently guide the water down into a basin.

Overall, adding a water feature to your Sydney garden can be a simple and easy way to create a peaceful and relaxing environment, and also you can make sure that it is low maintenance.